Missionary Monks in Four Continents

The Missionary Benedictines are a worldwide Congregation of 19 abbeys and priories. 1030 monks live and work in Africa, America, Asia and Europe according to the Benedictine tradition in self-supporting monastic communities. The way of life of these monasteries is based on the rhythm of communal prayer and work. The monasteries also share in the missionary vocation of the Church. Principal areas of missionary activity are pastoral care and evangelization, education, health services and poverty relief.


New Council elected - 16.10.2012

The 20th General Chapter completed its task by electing the new Congregation Council. It is the most important decision making body in the Congregation and works closely with the Abbot President.

From left to right: Prior Mauritius ... mehr

Archabbot Jeremias Schroeder elected new Abbot President - 13.10.2012

On 13 October the General Chapter elected Archabbot Jeremias Schröder (47) new abbot president of the Congregation. The new president know this responsibility: until this election it was combined with the office of Archabbot of the Congregation ... mehr

General Chapter opens - 03.10.2012

On 3 October the 20th General Chapter of the Missionary Benedictines opened. Ca 50 Chapter members will debate the future of our Benedictine mission during two externded sessions in Damme (Lower Saxony) and St. Ottilien (Bavaria). The chosen title ... mehr

Abbot Rhabanus Petri and Fr. Vianney Meister publish CD - 15.10.2011

The trio "Die Priester" ("The priests") will publish its first CD called "Spiritus Dei" (Spirit of God) on October 21st. The group consists of Fr. Vianney Meister (St.Ottilien), Abbot Rhabanus Petri (Schweiklberg), and ... mehr

Recognition for work of Missionary Benedictines in Ileret - 08.10.2011

The Jahresbericht Weltkirche 2010 (Annual report on the church in all the world) by the German Bishops' Conference, which has been published ... mehr

Benedictines ask for help after devastating fire in Nairobi - 19.09.2011

On September 12th, great parts of the Mukuru-Sinai slum area of Nairobi City, Kenya, were devastated by a burning pipeline. More than 100 people lost their lifes. The slum area occupies about 20 hectares and has an ... mehr

Fr. Mauritius Wilde new prior in Schuyler, Nebraska - 11.07.2011

On July 11th, 2011, Fr. Mauritius Wilde O.S.B. was named prior of the monastery in Schuyler, Nebraska. The priory in the Midwestern United States is a dependent house of the German abbey of Muensterschwarzach. Before abbot Michael Reepen of ... mehr

Bombs Explosions in Pugu - 17.02.2011

An ammunition armoury belonging to the Tanzanian Army has exploded in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam on the night of 17th February. The four-hour long explosion happened few kilometers from our Pugu Monastery. According to Fr. Richard Migodela, who ... mehr

Church Blessing in Hannover - 13.02.2011

The new church of Cella; St. Benedict; in Hannover was blessed by Abbot Dominicus Meier of Koenigsmuenster on 13th February. The 23 years old City-Monastery, has become a central point in the catholic co-ordination system of Hannover city.


Jubilee celebration and New Prior on Jakobsberg - 30.01.2011

It was on the 30th January 1961 when the first Missionary  Benedictines from St. Ottilien, for the first time set their feet in Jakobsberg near Bingen. Upon arrival the lorry´s axle broke down  -  but the monks ... mehr

Abbot President Jeremias Schröder Reports on the Congregation - 01.01.2011

In our monasteries there is much calculating going on at the end of the year: Inventories in the workshops and other operations, settlements of greater or smaller entries, feverish compiling of income and expenses so that someday ... mehr

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