Conventional Name:

St. Benedict's Abbey Peramiho
Post Address:

P.O.  Peramiho


Tel. + 255 25260 2120
 or + 255 25260 2162
Name of the Superior: Abbot Anastasius Reiser
Number of Monks:

 65 (April  2011)


Short History

On July 31, 1898, the Missionary Benedictines of St Ottilien opened a mission station at Peramiho in the south-west corner of present-day Tanzania. The mission station became the seat of a territorial abbot on December 15, 1927, when Rome created the Territorial Abbey of Lindi. In December 1931, Rome re-arranged the area of the Territorial Abbey of Lindi, creating a separate Territorial Abbey Ndanda in the east (December 22, 1931) and then re-naming the Territorial Abbey of Lindi “the Territorial Abbey of Peramiho” (December 23, 1931). The Territorial Abbey of Peramiho reverted to a simple abbey on February 6, 1969, when the Diocese of Songea was established. The former mission territory was eventually divided into three dioceses (Songea, Njombe and Mbinga).


In 1931, Peramiho made a foundation in Uwemba, some 290 km further north. Uwemba became a simple priory on May 1, 1962. The Abbey of Peramiho is situated about 25 km outside the city of Songea which is linked to the capital Dar es Salaam (1000 km north-east) by a tarmac road.


Dependent Houses




The abbey of Peramiho has a lot of common to share with its sister-abbey of Ndanda in its apostolate:

  • Being the mother of the three surrounding dioceses (Songea, Njombe and Mbinga), Peramiho abbey still plays a major role in pastoral work in several parishes and outstations, including those of Peramiho and Uwemba.
  • St. Joseph's hospital which is under the abbey is  surely one of the most efficient hospitals in the south-western part of the country.
  • The abbey operates a vocational centre in which young people learn different types of trades. The nursing school which is the part of the hospital train nurses who later work either in the hospital or elsewhere.

 Photos of Peramiho